Karno Energy: How does CAD integrate software?

Karno Energy integrates ACCA software for structural calculations, quotes and measurements, energy analysis, fluid design, safety, maintenance and acoustics (some software not available on the English market). It also integrates dynamically with Revit®, SketchUp®, Blender® or Rhino / Grasshopper® to model freeform solids.

With https://karnoenergy.com/cad-design-services/ , you have integrated CAD DWG (Edificius-CAD) that allows you to create 2D drawings and models in a 3D grid.

You can also import and export in standard IFC format, interact with other BIM design software and other BIM tools, use integration with BIM collaborative management platforms, and get topographic and survey data directly from Google Maps.


Karno Energy: What is architectural design?


Architectural design or architectural design corresponds to all technical documentation from Karno Energy, consisting of drawings, reports, diagrams, calculations, etc.

The purpose is to describe the operations of doing or changing the work. All this while defining the functional organization of spaces, connecting elements, systems of relationships between the environment that make it up, dimensions, shapes, technologies and materials used.


Karno Energy: How to perform architectural design?


The realization of an architectural design includes the following steps: 

Preliminary design: in this phase we analyze the context in which to build (environment, land size, orientation, access roads, site boundaries). We also analyze the urban plans in order to verify the feasibility of the development (volumes, maximum heights, distances, etc.);

The design phase: the characteristics of the project are defined. As well as surfaces and volumes, functional composition and distribution, external spaces, materials, etc. 


Karno Energy: How do we present a project to our clients?


A good project presentation from Karno Energy is a crucial step in project realization. Today, thanks to the technological evolution of the most famous and popular architectural design software, it is possible to present the architectural design to our clients in several ways, such as: 

  • 3D views (axonometry, perspectives, axonometric sections)
  • detailed and very fascinating photorealistic renderings, which are now achievable, with a maximum reduction of time
  • video as a real-time rendering
  • immersive virtual reality
  • An online link to view the project in a simple Internet browser ( more )


Karno Energy: What is the main 3D BIM architectural design software?


The most commonly used programs for architectural design: 

Karno Energy allows us to deal with all aspects of design: working in 2D and 3D, repairing and restoring existing buildings, model installations (MEP), planning work, measuring and evaluating, moving through the model in real time (RTBIM) or in immersive virtual reality. (VRiBIM).

Revit is the software with which we can benefit from an example that fully corresponds to reality. This is through three-dimensional, axonometric and perspective elements, as well as a fourth dimension that allows us to manage and define temporal phases.

Archicad allows us to manage the entire architectural design thanks to a complete model of walls, doors, windows and furniture. It is suitable for small construction projects as well as more complex ones.

AllPlan is a program for architects and engineers working in the construction industry and infrastructures that allows us to obtain a model very close to the one to be produced. This model allows errors and conflicts to be recognized and eliminated during the design phase, avoiding delays during the construction phase.


Karno Energy – can you approach all aspects of architectural design with Edificius?


With Karno Energy’s Edificius, you no longer need multiple architectural design programs. Edificius allows us to deal with all aspects of it (point cloud studies, architectural design, interior architecture, exterior finishes, HVAC, plumbing and electrical, historic buildings).

With just one software you can design architecture, outdoor spaces and gardens, interior design, installations. Edificius provides all the necessary tools for project documentation (plans, facades, sections, axonometrics, execution plans) and for project presentation (automatic visualization, video and animation, photo editing and insertion tools).


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